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Internships and timing are flexible and applications are accepted year round


To apply for an internship please email a cover letter and resume to


Administrative Intern

This position requires managerial and office skills. Interns will be tasked with helping to manage the office calendar, contacting clients and potential partners via phone and email. The intern will also be involved with case intake and organization of cases.


Media Analyst Intern


This position will involve analyzing news articles and clips, TV programs and movies for problematic representations of Arabs and Arab-Americans. The intern will have a working relationship with local media outlets to report their findings.  Journalism and communications majors are encouraged to apply, however all are welcome.  


Communications Intern


This intern will work on the public relations side of the organization by maintaining a relationship with the local and national press as well as the community. This intern will assist with contacting the press, hosting press conferences, drafting press releases, and drafting email blasts to the community. Journalism, communication, and marketing majors are encouraged to apply, however all are welcome.


Projects Intern


This intern will Initiate and carry out specific projects. Previous projects include a youth advocacy class, equal housing campaigns, cyber civil rights monitor and more. These interns must be self-motivated and creative in thinking. Interns will be provided with the necessary tools and guidance to carry about projects


Legal Intern


We encourage law school students or prospective law students to apply for this position. Legal Interns help carry out legal procedure for new cases by coordinating with pro bono lawyers, conducting research and helping with the detailed case intake of discrimination cases. This internship will provide students with a broader look at the scope of civil rights law as well as immigration and employment law